Painless, efficient, general-purpose sampling from continuous distributions.
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diff --git a/README.md b/README.md @@ -18,7 +18,9 @@ the paper describing the algorithm [here](http://msp.org/camcos/2010/5-1/camcos-v5-n1-p04-p.pdf), and a paper on some potential limitations [here](http://arxiv.org/abs/1509.02230). There is also also a robust Python implementation -[here](http://dan.iel.fm/emcee/current/). +[here](http://dan.iel.fm/emcee/current/) authored by [Dan +Foreman-Mackey](http://dan.iel.fm), a very nice dude who I once moved some +furniture with. *flat-mcmc* exports an 'mcmc' function that prints a trace to stdout, as well as a 'flat' transition operator that can be used more generally.