A simple shallowly-embedded DSL for dealing with measures.
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -1,5 +1,25 @@ measurable ---------- -An experimental embedded DSL for creating, manipulating, and using measures. +*measurable* is a simple shallowly-embedded DSL for dealing with measures. + +It uses a `Measure` synonym for a standard continuation type with a restricted +output type and no `callCC` implementation. You can construct measures from +samples, mass/density functions, or even sampling functions. + +Construct image measures by `fmap`-ing measurable functions over them, or +create new measures from existing ones by measure convolution and friends +provided by a simple `Num` instance enabled by an `Applicative` instance. +Create measures from graphs of other measures using the `Monad` instance and +do-notation. + +Query measures by integrating meaurable functions against them. Extract +moments, cumulative density functions, or probabilities. + +Check out the module comments or **examples** folder for sample use. + +Caveat: while fun to play with, and rewarding to see how measures fit together, +measure operations as nested integrals are exponentially complex. Don't expect +them to scale very far! +