JavaScript utilities for phonemic base wrangling.
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Author: Jared Tobin <jared@jtobin.io>
Date:   Wed,  7 Aug 2019 06:16:43 -0230

Reduce comment verbosity.

Mgulpfile.js | 27---------------------------
1 file changed, 0 insertions(+), 27 deletions(-)

diff --git a/gulpfile.js b/gulpfile.js @@ -1,39 +1,13 @@ -// A task runner that helps automate development tasks var gulp = require('gulp'); -// A module bundler for JS which compiles small pieces of code into something larger and more complex var rollup = require('gulp-better-rollup'); -// A fast, economical JS transpiler. Takes JS like ES6/7 and transforms it to JS that is consumable by a conventional JS runtime. It is like Babel but faster and less extensible. var sucrase = require('@sucrase/gulp-plugin'); -// Like sucrase, this is a transpiler. It has more features. We occasionally use it because Sucrase does not support the object rest/spread language feature but babel does. -// var babel = require("rollup-plugin-babel"); -// allows importing libraries node_modules without specifying path eg "import x from '/node_modules/react'" -> "import x from 'react'" var resolve = require('rollup-plugin-node-resolve'); -// Parses commonjs-style "require" statements as imported modules. Pretty standard dependency required for most NPM-sourced dependencies var commonjs = require('rollup-plugin-commonjs'); -// Replace particular strings with other things var replace = require('rollup-plugin-replace'); -// Many modern NPM repositories are packaged for _node_ environments, -// and they use _node_ standard library primitives, like -// - fs -// - events -// - buffer -// - util -// - This plugin shims those node dependencies to work in the browser -// - WARNING: This plugin is very expensive! -// - Using a library that requires node builtin functions may -// vastly increase your build size and compile times var builtins = require('rollup-plugin-node-builtins'); -// Complimentary library to builtins() that polyfills more node libraries. You may not need this if you use no Node dependancies, or your dependancies don't have deeper Node dependancies. var globals = require('rollup-plugin-node-globals'); -// go from "import x from '/src/js/components/thing.js'" to "import x from '/components/thing'" (the preferred import style) var rootImport = require('rollup-plugin-root-import'); - - -// JS ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// - - -// resolves JS imports and file transformations not including transpiling JSX gulp.task('default', function(cb) { return gulp .src('src/index.js') @@ -49,7 +23,6 @@ gulp.task('default', function(cb) { useEntry: 'prepend', extensions: '.js' }), - // json(), globals(), builtins(), resolve()