DIY Markov Chains
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diff --git a/ b/ @@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ DIY Markov Chains. -## What Is This +## What is this This package presents a simple combinator language for Markov transition operators that are useful in MCMC. @@ -61,12 +61,31 @@ Installing is best done via [stack](, which will pull down everything you might need (including GHC). -You'll want to use the [Stackage nightly -resolver]( for now, until the next LTS version -is released. But with that out of the way it's just a matter of +If you just want the library, you'll want to use the [Stackage nightly +resolver]( until it gets picked up in LTS. +But with that out of the way it's just a matter of ``` -$ stack install declarative +$ stack install declarative --resolver nightly-2015-10-13 ``` -See the test suite for some example usage. +If you want to grab the test suite/examples, grab the repo and build via + +``` +$ git clone && cd declarative && stack build +``` + +You can then run the test suite via `stack test`. + +## Documentation & Examples + +Check out the haddock-generated docs on +[Hackage]( + +You can also peruse the introductory [announce +post]( + +## Etc. + +PRs and issues welcome. +