A command-line utility for drilling Latin grammar.
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2024-01-07 21:37Misc. work on pronouns.Jared Tobin1+147-125
2024-01-07 09:15Add WIP pronoun drilling.Jared Tobin1+182-0
2024-01-06 00:35Easier filtering on disjunctions.Jared Tobin3+13-5
2024-01-06 00:25Get rid of pointless echo.Jared Tobin1+0-1
2024-01-06 00:12Fix typo in 'servant' entry.Jared Tobin1+1-1
2023-12-21 22:26Add filtering note to readme.Jared Tobin1+5-1
2023-12-21 22:15Remove spurious declination tag.Jared Tobin1+1-1
2023-12-21 22:14Add better filtering on word boundaries.Jared Tobin1+1-1
2023-04-24 12:11Add noun/adjective tags.Jared Tobin1+56-44
2022-07-25 18:25Update repo address.Jared Tobin1+1-1
2022-07-24 15:16Update README.Jared Tobin1+4-3
2022-07-24 15:15Filter via logical conjunction.Jared Tobin2+10-6
2022-01-07 12:45Add fourth and fifth declensions.Jared Tobin1+8-0
2022-01-06 07:28Add third declensions.Jared Tobin1+22-6
2022-01-04 05:28Add second declension.Jared Tobin1+20-12
2022-01-03 09:34Update README with declensions note.Jared Tobin1+10-1
2022-01-03 09:33Add first declensions.Jared Tobin1+68-0
2021-02-13 15:05Add passive voice conjugations.Jared Tobin1+120-0
2021-02-11 11:22Fix some errors.Jared Tobin1+6-6
2021-02-11 11:09Allow filtering by keywords.Jared Tobin2+21-0
2021-02-11 10:46Fix conjugation errors.Jared Tobin1+6-6
2021-01-29 12:14Just use shuf(1).Jared Tobin1+1-3
2021-01-29 12:10More herestrings.Jared Tobin1+5-5
2021-01-29 12:08Don't count lines repeatedly.Jared Tobin1+3-3
2021-01-29 12:06Use herestrings.Jared Tobin1+4-4
2021-01-29 12:00Store data in script.Jared Tobin2+306-303
2021-01-27 19:46Fix some English examples.Jared Tobin1+6-6
2021-01-27 19:30Various additions.Jared Tobin4+348-326
2021-01-27 12:03Initial commit.Jared Tobin3+331-0